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Read our below client testimonial and learn why Smarter Property Group is your specialist in Property Investment Australia!

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for the property advice and services rendered by Paul Loughland and his entire staff of Smarter Property Group.
I am totally new to property investing, and at no stage of my deals with Smarter Property Group did I feel that I have been lead on to purchase a property that will not be in my best interest to invest. As a green horn in property investing, I was constantly worried that I might be ripped off by unscrupulous property agent’s spruking their own agenda and making a killing from my hard earned and saved up cash.
I met Paul Loughland of Smarter Property Group and I found a person of honesty and integrity in all his business deals. That is a rare trait for a person and even rarer for a company which actually lives by a strong sense of honor and integrity in all their business deals.
I have now ended up with five properties bought through Paul’s company- Smarter Property Group. Every one of the properties that Paul suggested as an investment has turned out to be a gold mine of an investment and have ticked all the correct boxes for profit in my property portfolio.
Coming from an Asian (Chinese) background and having been brought up strict to follow a code of honesty, truth, integrity and compassion, I was very surprised to find these exact traits in Paul and his staff. It is a great relief to know that I can totally trust any advice on property given by Paul as I know he will never take you for a ride just to make money for himself and his company. Moreover, Paul‘s fees are extremely fair and the property advise he gives are worth more than what he is asking. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and his company –Smarter Property Group to any investor, whether you are just starting out in property or a seasoned property investor. If you want a company that is transparent in their deals and cares about how you go about investing in Australian properties, look no further than Paul Loughland’s Smarter Property Group, you will never ever regret your decision to deal with them.”

Keng Siew Yeoh

Why use Smarter Property Group for Property Investment in Australia

nubmer1Qualified Property Investment Advisor writes a plan specifically for you and your situation

number2Licensed Buyers agents find the property for you, negotiates the deal,makes sure the contract terms suit you and then helps you every step of the way until after your property is happily tenanted

bumber3We work for YOU, not the Seller

What benefits will you receive when employing Smarter Property Group for your Australian Property Investment?

1st Get Advice based on your Financial Situation and Goals

2nd Make a Plan so your property portfolio meets your goals, funds your retirement and even leaves something for your children

3rd Professional Support in Executing Your Plan so you purchase a property that matches your plan, the deal works for you and the hard work is done for you

What outcome will you have by choosing Smarter Property Group for your Property Investments in Australia?

At Smarter Property Group, we have the necessary skills to develop a plan for your Property Investment in Australia

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By employing Smarter Property Group, we will assist you with developing a Property Investment Australia plan!


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After the GFC I want my money to be invested in a secure asset that I can see and touch. I feel confident in bricks and mortar

Brett Black, Sydney NSW
Interest Rates are the lowest I have ever seen them. It made us think about buying an investment property. After talking to Paul I didn’t realise how easy it really was! Now my wife wants to buy houses more then shoes!
Tim and Louise Johnson , Castle Hill Sydney
It looked like I was going to have to work until I was 70 years old. We just couldn’t afford to retire. Paul showed us how property can turn things around. Now we can see how we can leave something behind for our children.
Donna and Ben Alward , Kingscliff NSW

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