Our Buyers Agent Team

Our fantastic team of professionals come from several different industries. We pride ourselves on our reliability, and while each team member is independent of one another, we all work together with you in unison, utilising our established processes to communicate efficiently and effectively. Long story short – we’re there for you when and where you need us. When you’re looking to secure an investment property for the best price, speak to us – for a property buyers agent in Sydney, the Central Coast or all around Australia, we are here to help.

Industries that make up our team

Real Estate Managers
Financial Planners
Property Inspectors
Bank Managers/Mortgage Brokers

With our support

Reliability and support from tried and tested professionals

A shared responsibility regarding the processes, as well as working closely with you from start to finish and beyond

Easily contactable anytime, for any questions you may have or issues that you have with any part of the process

Without our support

As you’re on your own, vulnerability is an issue – how can you ascertain the legitimacy of advice you receive?

Who can you rely on to ensure their job is done well?

Industry jargon and taxonomy can be incredibly overwhelming

You stand as one and don’t have the extensive negotiating experience that we possess to achieve the best result

A property investment advisor

A professional who has the qualification to complete what is referred to as a ‘Statement of Property Investment Advice’, which is a comprehensive plan based on your financial situation and other contributing factors. Included within will be locations to look at, specific type(s) of real estate, and how the individual investments correlate with your financial goals in the long-term.

A property buyers agent

Unlike general estate agents, they’ll work with, and only with, buyers to secure the best result for them. From researching the location and historical data to the negotiation process with the selling agent, the buyer is the client. Also, unlike one real estate business which is limited to the listings they have available at that time, our reach stretches from Sydney to the Central Coast and anywhere else in Australia. We’re here to save you time, money, and potential headaches.

All we need from you is your particular criteria you’re after; location; budget; time frame; rental yield; and property description.

Why choose us?

1st Tailored advice specifically for your financial situation and goals

2nd Qualified to work with you and create a plan in order for your portfolio to adhere to the financial goals you have for your future, including retirement and inheritance for your children

3rd Full support by professionals to properly execute the plan, ensuring the purchase of a property that’s suitable to your requirements.

What are the expected results when you come to us?

At Smarter Property Group, we have the necessary skills to develop a plan for your Property Investment in Australia

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