Blue Wren Close Port Macquarie
Large 3 Bedroom Villa – Wrap-Around Grass yard
Purchase price: $379,000
Rental return = $400 per week
Gross Yield: 5.5%

House and Granny Flat Option Port Macquarie
4 Bedroom House + 2 Bedroom Granny Flat

Purchase price: $605,000
House Rental Return = $420 per week
Granny Flat Rental Return = $300 per week

2 Bedroom Unit in Midland Perth
Open planned kitchen & living area

Purchase price: $304,000
Rental return = $350 per week
Gross Yield: 6%

At Smarter Property Group, we are a team of Property Investment Advisors & Buyers Agents Australia that can assist you with all facets of Property Investment Australia and Australian Property Investment.

Leading Investment Property and Buyers Agent Services

We can help get your money working for you! But why come to us for our professional assistance regarding property investment throughout Port Macquarie, Newcastle, and all over Australia?

Why should you choose Smarter Property Group as your Property Investment Advisors & Buyers Agent in Australia?

1. Save You Valuable Time And Money

Our team of expert buyers agents will show you how and where you can save.

2. Reduce The Risks Associated With Investing 

Access one of our property investment advisors who are qualified to write a plan, based on your personal situation, your goals and how much risk you are comfortable with. This will allow you to identify where to look for the right piece of real estate that suits your needs, and how each investment can support your long-term financial goals, whilst reducing the risks. This will allow you to control the process making improved/more informed decisions regarding your investment strategy.

3. Increased Safety For You And Your Family 

We only use professional licensed buyers agents that helps you take action to invest in the safety of “bricks & mortar”. They will research and find the right one for you, negotiating the best deal possible and ensuring the contract terms suit your needs. They will help you every step of the way – even until after it’s been tenanted and you’re seeing a return.

4. We work for YOU, not the Seller,
We provide professional support in executing your property plan that matches your goals, ensuring all the hard work is done for you to help your succeed sooner.

5. Take Action
Our team will help you to get started and take action sooner allowing you to invest in quality properties all over Australia

Talk to Smarter Property Group on 1800 257 377 and let us help you develop a Property Investment Plan!

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Let us help you in securing real estate and work smarter, not harder!

We can help you throughout the buying process whether you are an investor or homebuyer by using an independent, expert property buyers agent, who works for you!

Our services are very different to your usual real estate agency, as buyers agents we only work for you – not the seller (vendor).

We represent the buyers’ interest, regardless of whether you are an investor or a first homebuyer. Whether you’re looking for Central Coast property agents or you need our services anywhere else in Australia like Port Macquarie or Newcastle, we’re for you!

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By employing Smarter Property Group, we will assist you with developing a Property Investment Australia plan!

Most people who lose money in real estate don’t have a plan

Having a plan isn’t just about finding a property at the right price
It’s about finding the right one for you that will contribute to your investment portfolio and help
you achieve your long term goals

Common mistakes we hear from investors who didn’t have a plan:

My latest property cost too much. It reduced my cash flow so I couldn’t service another loan to buy my next investment property

My latest property used up all of my available equity so I have to wait until it goes up in value before I can afford to buy again

We pushed our LVR, repayments & cash reserves to a point where one bump in the road or interest rate rise and we wont be able to sleep at night?

I claimed all of my tax rebate on my latest property because it is too highly negatively geared. I could’ve serviced two other, less geared, investment properties with the tax I unlocked

Remember property is a long term investment and not just about saving the maximum tax in a single financial year

Ask yourself:

Who is helping me make my decision? 
The real estate agent that works for the seller…

Who is on my side?
The vendors agent and their sales team…

Who is helping me assess where this property fits into my overall investment plan?
The bank manager, who’s job it is to sell me a loan…

With a plan:

I’ll buy Property Smarter with peace of mind, confident my property will help me achieve my goals

Buy Property Smarter and have:

At Smarter Property Group, we have the necessary skills to develop a plan for your Property Investment in Australia


After the GFC I want my money to be invested in a secure asset that I can see and touch. I feel confident in bricks and mortar

Brett Black, Sydney NSW
Interest Rates are the lowest I have ever seen them. It made us think about buying an investment property. After talking to Paul I didn’t realise how easy it really was! Now my wife wants to buy houses more then shoes!
Tim and Louise Johnson , Castle Hill Sydney
It looked like I was going to have to work until I was 70 years old. We just couldn’t afford to retire. Paul showed us how property can turn things around. Now we can see how we can leave something behind for our children.
Donna and Ben Alward , Kingscliff NSW